Star Trek Strange New Worlds Phaser

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Phaser

There’s not much I can say about this model by SaxonProps/Limeybuilds but “Wow”. It’s a fantastic model, full stop. I’ve also built the model by 3dTechDesign, but I prefer SaxonProps by far. By the way, the paint is VHT SP403 Engine Metallic Titanium Silver Blue.

I’ve now built about 5 of these and, apart from the power dial being a bit fiddly to paint, it’s been a great experience. I’m also printing his Tricorder model for an upcoming build.

Also shown is a holster I built for this phaser. It’s based on screencaps from ST:SNW.

ST SNW phaser holster

3D model by SaxonProps/Limeybuilds
Holster design by me.